Electrolux Ofen Reiniger Spray 250ml

Electrolux - Electrolux ofen reiniger spray 250ml - Ofen von Electrolux - Effektiv auf Fett Ofen von Electrolux. Effektiv auf Fett.

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Europart Toprens Ceramic Hob Cleaner for Electrolux

Maddocks 55-EL-18 - Removes burnt on food, grease, limescale and water marks helping maintain the look of the hob for longer. Ideal für die reinigung und Pflege von Induktion Kochplatten, Keramik und Glas-Kochfelder. Along with genuine parts, their own brand Europart products are recognized throughout Europe. Blätter a silikon film zu schützen Oberfläche der ceremic Herdplatte.

Entfernt fett, das aussehen des Kochfeldes für mehr verbrannten auf Nahrung, Kalk und Wasser Markierungen helfen, .250 ml kapazität. Leaves a silicone film to protect the surface of the ceremic hob from further spills thereby making future cleaning and maintenance easier. This ceramic hob Cleaner has a 250 mL capacity.

Europart Toprens Ceramic Hob Cleaner for Electrolux - Original Ersatzteil Keramik-Kochfeld Reiniger. They also specialize in commercial and industrial vacuum cleaning equipment, parts and accessories. Europart products will perform exactly the same as the genuine manufacturer's version. Europart group toprens Ceramic Hob Cleaner has a special high-quality detergent.

Ideal for cleaning and maintenance of induction hot plates, ceramic and glass hobs. Maddocks is a distribution company specializing in the supply of spare parts for electric domestic appliances.

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